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The monsters will make here too. But feel free to show love.
One of my friends loaned me a cinqo 3. I made a kirby comic to start with it (kirby is pretty much the simplest character to draw in the entire universe) My first result was too... bright and the colours were mismatched. I decided to make it more uniform. I am not super happy with my end product, but practice practice practice and all that.
Maxwell is a robot, maybe he's an alien, he could also be an alien robot? This blog isn't actually about Maxwell but there is a picture of him getting drunk. This Blog isn't really about anything. You can say it's about nothing (I think there was a TV show in the 90's about that). If you check the blog every once and awhile you might see a post about something happening in Halifax. You might see a poorly drawn comic strip. You might even see a post about games or gaming. You are unlikely to see a post about gardening I guess, but who knows anything is possible.
Lots of photos from Hal-Con are going up. Will have a post on my blog soon!
Placed in 2 out of three contests. Three posts in total.

In "Creative uses for obsolete technology I got 12th place for… to my surprise.

I also got 12th (12 seems to be my lucky number) and 9th for and respectively.

As always I was surprised by what Cracked chose to run, to the next round of plastying!
This week went pretty good for me. I didn't have any entries place in the "Downsides to being a superhero parent" oh well my entries weren't great anyway.

However I picked up my first win (wooooooo) under "If Flash Games got their own Movie Adaptations" with my Evony movie cover. Fruit Ninja came in 11th

In "Scandalous Photos of Historical Figures" I got a double place of 11th (Confederate boxer Lincoln) and 10th (Tu Pac Still Alive)

Can't wait to see the results of the next contest.